Old Hickory Properties is owned by Rick McClintock. Rick grew up in Old Hickory and still lives within 1 mile of most of the rental properties. Rick takes a lot of pride in insuring that all of his rental units are the best in the Old Hickory. A lot of effort is placed on maintaining the historical integrity of the unit. Claw foot bathtubs are glazed and restored, hardwood floors are repaired and refinished and there is a lot of  wood trim in the units. This gives each unit it own unique character.

Old Hickory Properties purchases houses and town homes in Davidson County to be utilized as rental units. After purchasing properties the units are remodeled prior to renting utilizing our 150 item checklist to insure that the properties are in excellent condition. The goal is to provide affordable rental housing combined with professional and reliable repair and maintenance services. We know the importance of professional management and support. It is our goal to provide tenants with the best possible rental experience.

While tenants have rewarded us with their trust year after year we require the following from the tenant,

             Live in the unit and take care of it.
             Pay rent.

Our responsibility to totally maintain the premises keeping all grounds, housing and equipment in optimal condition. Any time anything needs repair we will be available. This includes light bulbs to major renovations.


Claw Foot bath tubs are available in some units.


Hardwood Floors are in many of the homes.