Old Hickory Apiary

Honey bees enhance the productivity of our gardens, our farms, and the wild plants everywhere due to their pollinating behaviors. There's a conspiracy between plant and bees - where bees gather a flower's nectar and pollen for food and in the process share on flower's pollen with the next flower they visit. Thus both plants benefit an can set the seeds of their next generation.

Many people feel enthusiastic about helping honeybees in their current decline, but they often do not know how. As a community we can educate our self about the honeybee, the importance of the honey bee to plants, the food supply and the importance of keeping bio diversity and maintain a healthy ecosystem in Old Hickory.

Honey Bee 1
Bee HiveOld Hickory Apiary is operated by Rick McClintock, a hobbyist beekeeper. I raise honey bees to produce the finest local honey made of all natural products. I can be contacted at rick@ohpm.biz.

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